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Introducing via

the chance to win a Top 10 Movie

All you need to do is complete our survey below, leave your details and you will be registered in this months free prize draw...what could be easier.

So please take a few moments to tell me your own movie experience in this on-line competition

 The Movie Therapist Survey

1. Please give an idea of the background or situation in your life when you saw a movie that helped, inspired or even healed you.
2. What was the film?
3. How did it affect you, and what difference did the experience make in your life?
Thank you for taking part in this survey.

I'd be grateful if you could complete a few more details for the competition and survey purposes only. You will be contacted direct via e-mail if you win. Your name will remain anonymous but your story may be used by me for books, media interviews, and on this web site.


Thank you for sharing your unique and valuable experiance, good luck and If you win I hope you enjoy the movie...

Bernie Wooder
The Movie Therapist

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